Team Work in ETTIN2016..

In my opinion team work is nothing but a group of people working together like family with the intention to achieve a particular goal.  I like to give best example for a successful tem work, in our own origination is organized a fest called ETTIN2016, which got a great success, all professors of our management and invitees of the fest give positive comment on our fest, all our professors are appreciated because we the student with the guidance of our professors successfully organized that fest.   We divided all the student for different groups, and for different groups different responsibility were assigned, for example there is a groups like food committee, infrastructure, event manager, hospitality committee ect, all the groups have done their work which was assigned to them very smartly and hardly. Group had mixture of 1st and 2nd year MBA students of our college, it was give an opportunity to interact with others who were in groups, it was also helped us to know 1st year and 2nd year each other. I also learned from that what the use we will get if we mingle with others for good activity. I was worked under food committee, it was like ma family, all were helped each other, we done our work which was assigned to us very promptly, not only our team all the team were done work very promptly it would result us positively, that means we achieved great success in our fest called ETTIN. In our Institute we are like one family members, I am happy to become a student of JKSHIM.


Something About the Book in which I Inspired..

My one of the favorite book is “How can win” written by Mr.Shiv Khera, the tagline of this book is “winners don’t do different things they do things differently”, this book include importance of attitude, how to build a positive attitude, success, what is holding us back? motivation, self-esteem, the importance of interpersonal skills, 25 steps to building a positive personality, subconscious mind and habits, goal setting, values and vision. I am really so much inspired by the all the topics which are all included in this book. I am heartily thankful to sir Shiv Khera, his book helps me to increase my self-esteem also it helps me to buildup positive attitude. I have to share my opinion relating to this book.

      How Can We Build a Positive Attitude?

In my opinion positive attitude is always greater than knowledge. That means if a person have greater knowledge but if he don’t has good attitude that means if he don’t know how to deal with the society or if he don’t know how to give respect to others then there is no value for his knowledge. Because the person who have positive attitude that person always respect the value of society as a result that person always get appreciated by the society. It doesn’t mean that for a person knowledge is not necessary, it means that gaining knowledge also recurred along with positive attitude. If we have positive attitude we can mange anything easily than the person who have a negative attitude. Good attitude person mind always filled by positive things only. He is very cool and intelligent person compare to negative attitude person.

      The book how to win which give good explanation regarding to “our attitude contribute to success”, a study of attributed to Harvard University found that when a person gets a good job or a promotion, 85% of the time it is because of his attitude, and only 15% of the time because of his intelligence and knowledge of specific facts and figures. It is surprising that almost 100% of education dollars go to teach facts and figures, which account for only 15% of success in life. This example clearly indicates that what all the value of a good attitude is are. A person can achieve success because of his or her positive attitude which we can come to know by this example.

      How positive attitude helps to a person in organization?

 From the interview to till the retirement of a person every organization gives importance to the attitude of its employees. Every management observe each and every second of its employees attitude, they observe how an employee deal with in organization. For an organization attitude is important because to maintain good relation between employer and employees, if there is a good relation between workers and management it help to the organization to take great decisions regarding their business activities, as a result it would help to reach the organization goal. Positive attitude workers always maintain a good relationship with the organization; they will treat the members of the organization like their family. Positive attitude motivate the workers to work hard for the organization, they will spend more time in organizational work. If the person only has knowledge and not has good attitude he cannot able to deal with the organization. That person always using to show is ego to the worker who working under him. It will give a negative impression to the worker; they will never motivated by the person who shows his ego, because of such person worker will not ready to work more for organization. It will definitely effect the organization negatively.  In an organization person with positive attitude always good in controlling his workers. It will result positively to an organization.

   The main features of positive attitude persons:

 Positive attitude people always use to caring them self as well as others.

They will always have a nature of helping and supporting to a good people.

They are very confident people they are always ready to face any difficult situation.

They also have more patient, they are very cool mind people.

They always have high expectation themselves and others.

They never underestimating anyone, they always give positive suggestions to all.

     I learned all above things from the book called “How to win” , I myself devolved all the above mentioned features of positive attitude people, it always gives me good result, in future also I continually develop my attitude. I request you all that think positively, do positively it will definitely result positive only..   






Admirable persons in my life

The most admirable persons in my life are my mom and dad. My mom and dad both are first teachers of my life. I share everything with them, I am enjoying my life with them, some time I fight with them, but I love them a lot. In my childhood days if I committee any small mistake my mom used to beat me in stick. In those days I felt sad about my mom when she was beating me. But now I realized that there is no wrong with her, she tried to correct my mistakes by beating me or by suggesting me in positive way. She made me to never committee such a mistakes once again. Because of that reason now I am in good position.  They teach me good culture. I myself cultivated good habits because of my mom and dad’s guidance. They thought me how to give respect to elders not only elders but also to all people. Because of that reason I never under estimate any people I give respect to all in return I get respect from all that is because of my parent guidance to me. Because of that reason they proud of me.

  Daily when I am wakeup in morning first I like to see my mom’s face, when I am seeing her face in early morning I feel that today is the lucky day. She is my best friend in this world. When I am going from collage to home I always want to my mom is in home. Otherwise I get angry soon. If I don’t have any work with her but also I need her. My mom and dad love each other, for that reason I am very lucky to have such a mom and dad. I always believe that parents love for their children is completely true. Same in my case also my parent’s love for me is pure and nobody will give such a true and pure love to me.

   My parent is always supporting me for my good activity; they give me good suggestions for my further development. My mom and dad not high educated people, because of that reason they had to face so many problems in their life. They don’t want to be I will become a like them. Their always telling that “ we people are not studied much, because of that reason we are facing so many problems, we never want to be you will face same problems which we facing, we will support you for your education you study well and get good job in reputed company’’. They dint studied much because in that time they were facing financial problem, now for me I don’t have financial problem for my education because of my mom and dad. They work hard not only because of them it’s mainly because of my education. Therefore it’s my duty to fulfill my mom and dad’s dream by getting good education. And I have to utilize their hard work money to good purpose.   

  I want to share my one experience, which tells that how my parent would support me for my education, after completing my degree I dint have any specific idea about my further education, first I joined c.s class in Udupi and I paid fees  there but because of some reason I changed my decision,I decided to do c.s after completing  my MBA. So I lived that class but they dint reimburse my fees, and later I joined for MBA in one of the collage which is in Mangalore, there also my parent paid huge fees. But later my parent came to know that Nitte is the one of the best collage for MBA so they suggested me to join MBA in Nitte for that reason now I perceiving my MBA in Nitte. It’s all happened only because of I dint had correct plan, now I work with correct plan, this my experience shows that my parent not much bothered about money which they paid to Udupi coaching class or to MBA collage which I joined before in Mangalore, they bother about my education and my carrier for that reason they selected good collage for me to do MBA. It’s not only about my mom and dad’s every parents would have same attitude, they give more importance to their children, but only thing is that children should recognize that  their parent sacrifice their happy for their children only. And children should always do better for their parent.

    My parent always takes tension during my examination time more than me especially my mom, during my examination time she is also sleep late, she wait for me . I think without their support I achieve nothing. In Kannada there is one quote “thande thaiya runavannu thirisidavraru illa” , like that only I can’t do much for them but I can do something for them.

    So it’s my request to all that respect your parent and take care of them in their old age. Never hurt them by neglecting them. In this world nobody can give true and pure Love like our parents.

Major problems facing by the Physically disabled people..

The problem is most of the people would feel guilt for their physically disability. They don’t like society calling them as physically disabled people. They want to society treat them as a common man, as like others. Because most f the people don’t experience their problems daily.                                                                                                                                                                              Normally physically disabled people they assume the body part which they don’t have  they feel that no use of that part, without that part do they are work as like common man, some time better also. They assume little or full no use of hand or leg or other part of body which they don’t have.



My opinion regarding physically disabled people..

    When I was in degree I did the seminar on the topic achievement of physically disabled people. In that time only I really impressed by their achievements. I planned to write an article relating to them, but when I joined MBA I got a good opportunity to write about their achievement in my blog. In future I have planned to study more about their lifestyle. Their in every filed, by their achievement they prude that a man can achieve anything and everything by hard work. Really we need to respect such a great people. Their achievers in sports, arts, science every filed. They also prude that their not less than the normal people. So my request with everyone that we should treat them as a normal people, we should encourage them in good way..


1467372327448My best friends in this world are my respectable mom and dad. They always teach me good values in life. I share everything with them, most of the time I am sharing my feelings or anything with my mom. Because I know my mom and dad will guide me in right way. Because of them I am in good position. My mom does every work in home during my examination time. My mom and dad before satisfying they are wants, they ask my wants, most of the time they sacrifice their needs for me, my mom and dad’s dream is I have to study well , and I will be the proudly daughter of them. My aim is I have to fulfill their dream. I can heartily say that, I feel very lucky because I am a daughter of such a great mom and dad.



In the great journey of life everyone have talent. Some of them know their talent, some of them don’t know,  but everyone have one talent. Therefore we never underestimate anyone in our life. If any person committee any mistake we can guide theme in positive way instead of giving bad comment on that person. Some people by birth itself  have problem of leg or hand or any thing , it doesn’t mean that that people different from the normal person, they are also like normal people only, because of their hard work they also achieve great thing in their life. We really give respect to such persons instead of treating them differently. Because they also have fellings like normal people only. We have to encourage such people because all are equal in life.