My role in Brand War:

Brand war is a computation conducted by Maestro committee. It was an interclass computation. It was a very tough

Computation for the 1st year MBA in 2nd semester. Sleepless night, restless work. My role in that was online promotion. But I worked more in creative team as well as offline promotion.

      I had to come in Sunday also to work. In creative team we prepared greetings, decoration paper, invitation card ect. . I came morning 9 and lived the college evening 6.30. And in that I learnt only group work and nothing else. It was a very expensive competition.  And it was a tough computation. We prepared a watermelon juice namely Melax.

          In the Brand war we had to prepare water melon juice with different flavors. And we prepared with 3 different flavors.  Our product’s tag line was have it and relax. Our mentor was Vishal and we had 3 celebrities. If a person drink melax which is prepared by us that person feel will relax. That means if a person drink melax he feel less active and more calm and active.

        In the offline promotion I had invite all the professor of our institution and students to taste our product. In the creative team we prepared an invitation to professors and I had given that card to all the professor while inviting them to the Brand war final program.

      It was a wonderful experience which I was ever had. And it was also an expensive program.  

I learned group work in that. Because of that program our class becomes very united. All are worked very hard. In the online promotion  I made promotion through whatsapp, face book and twitter. In the face book I invited all my friends to like our page most of the my friends liked our page. We did very creative work because of that our class won Championship in Brand war. It was a un  forgettable movement. We celebrated a lot. In that I learned that team work, hard work and smart work lead to achieve our goal.


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