Brand War:

1st of paragraph 1.

                  Indeed it is true, she had lived Indore for the past 20 years. She knew that in future JKSHIM going to conduct one computation called brand war for 1st year MBA. The computation includes tough computation between interclass. In 2017 I also participated in Brand war computation.      

2st of paragraph 1.


             It’s an wonderful experience. Till now it was the 1st experience. Sleepless night, restless work. In the beginning till the end I just thought of when this computation will come to an end because that much work we had. In the beginning I given my name for online promotion but later along with promotion I worked more in creative team.

7th X 7th X 7th X exercise.

                Even Sunday also we had to come. I came morning 9 and lived the collage evening 6.30. And in that I learnt only group work and nothing else. It was a very expensive competition.  And it was an tough computation. We prepared a watermelon juice namely Melax. Our product’s tag line was have it and relax. Our mentor was Vishal and we had 3 celebrities.

Relax:  Become a less active more calm and happy.

             If a person drink melax which is prepared by us that person feel will relax. That means if a person drink melax he feel less active and more calm and active.

1st Experience:

            1st time when I was joined to high school in Nitte in those days I felt like I am studying in central jail. Because new friends, teacher new method of teaching, new place everything made me to very tough. But after 1 year I was completely adjusted for that environment

           When I joined I never thought that I complete my PG degree also in Nitte. When I participated in Brand war I felt same as how I was felt in the beginning  when I joined to the 8th slandered in Nitte. During the Brand war-time I was had very tough schedule. I never what such schedule once again in my life.

            I am writing latter to maestro committee to give my feedback about the Brand war. Which was conducted by Maestro committee. I want to share with them which kind of experience I had in Brand war. So that they can come to know how the student of JKSHIM would feel in Brand war.

             Dear member of Maestro committee I Pooja from JKSHIM. I am writing this letter to share my experience in Brand war. It was a wonderful experience I ever had. I thank to maestro members for conducting such kind of computation. In that student can learn group work.

I was worked in an online as well as offline promoter. I invite all my friends through face book. Most of the friends are liked our product. Because of their support and our effort our class own the Brand war . Even I made online promotion through whatsApp and twitter.

         In the Brand war I learnt how to make use of online medias like face book, twitter, whatsApp. 1st time I opened twitter account only for the reason of Brand war promotion. It was also a wonderful experience which I ever had. I contacted with so many friends for promotion of our product. I learned how to make marketing.

      In the offline promotion I had new experience. In final round of Brand war I had to give invitation to all the professors of our college.  I really felt very happy while giving invitation to them. All of them told their well wishes to us. And most of the professors are attended final round of brand war and also tasted our product.

       In the 1st semester our institute organized ETTIN fest . In ETTIN fest I had supper experience. I enjoyed a lot. I was come to know many people in JKSHIM.   I am wetting for another ETTIN. I am very exciting to participate in coming ETTIN.



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