Skills and Talent..

Every persons of this world have one or another skill and talent some may be known some are not aver of that. In this present competitive world skill and talent taken a major part. Best example for this, for get a good job a person require a high level of innovative or any kind of good skill and knowledge. Now a days most of the companies while recruiting the worker they give more importance to the special skills of the workers rather than the marks scored in the examination in school or college. Every person must try to find out their own skills and talents and later try to develop their skill by utilizing that into productive purpose.      

My skill is am very confidential person as well as bold, my talent is I will go to the stage and deliver the best speech even without preparation also. My friends are always likes when I am going to the stage.  This skill developed after joining JKSHIM. I have ability to quick learn because of this I secure good marks in examination.  I am little bit strict in nature, but am friendly with all, am very decent, I know how to give respect to all because of this reason I am always getting respect from others. I have good helping nature and also if once I come to know anything that I am doing wrong from that day I never do such mistake once again, I learn to develop my attitude further.  I always using to learn from my own mistake, some time I also learn from others. I have believe in God, he gives me a various skill and talent so now my duty is to utilize my skill and talent to productive purpose. I like to develop my skill by myself or by reading books or by learning from others.

   I like to relate my strength, skill and talent to being an entrepreneur, If I started a one business it may be any, my first duty is to providing good training , this may include about the introduction of the company and what is their role in company, how to develop better skill and talent, rules and regulation of the company, make them to feel their workplace is like their family, make them to keep good relationship with  the company, and also train them to achieve objectives of the company. And my second step is taking feedback from their said, if it will help to the growth of the company then developing their ideas which they suggested in feedback. In festival time giving scholarship to workers children, and giving gifts to workers, it will increase the image of the company, as a result it will encourage them, company is providing this much of specialty, so they prepare to contribute more to the company for achieving company’s goal. I like to build a good and decent relationship with the workers. I will try to create trustful environment in my company. I will provide training program always to increase their skill and talent. I like that my company’s workers should help one and other. I don’t want any lazy or simply time-wasting workers to my company. I always support my workers.

     I am not saying that what I said everything possible me to do, but I will try my level best as an entrepreneur to achieve my idea regarding to my company. I believe that if a person work hardly and smartly he or she will get defiantly successes.    


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