Team Work in ETTIN2016..

In my opinion team work is nothing but a group of people working together like family with the intention to achieve a particular goal.  I like to give best example for a successful tem work, in our own origination is organized a fest called ETTIN2016, which got a great success, all professors of our management and invitees of the fest give positive comment on our fest, all our professors are appreciated because we the student with the guidance of our professors successfully organized that fest.   We divided all the student for different groups, and for different groups different responsibility were assigned, for example there is a groups like food committee, infrastructure, event manager, hospitality committee ect, all the groups have done their work which was assigned to them very smartly and hardly. Group had mixture of 1st and 2nd year MBA students of our college, it was give an opportunity to interact with others who were in groups, it was also helped us to know 1st year and 2nd year each other. I also learned from that what the use we will get if we mingle with others for good activity. I was worked under food committee, it was like ma family, all were helped each other, we done our work which was assigned to us very promptly, not only our team all the team were done work very promptly it would result us positively, that means we achieved great success in our fest called ETTIN. In our Institute we are like one family members, I am happy to become a student of JKSHIM.


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