Something About the Book in which I Inspired..

My one of the favorite book is “How can win” written by Mr.Shiv Khera, the tagline of this book is “winners don’t do different things they do things differently”, this book include importance of attitude, how to build a positive attitude, success, what is holding us back? motivation, self-esteem, the importance of interpersonal skills, 25 steps to building a positive personality, subconscious mind and habits, goal setting, values and vision. I am really so much inspired by the all the topics which are all included in this book. I am heartily thankful to sir Shiv Khera, his book helps me to increase my self-esteem also it helps me to buildup positive attitude. I have to share my opinion relating to this book.

      How Can We Build a Positive Attitude?

In my opinion positive attitude is always greater than knowledge. That means if a person have greater knowledge but if he don’t has good attitude that means if he don’t know how to deal with the society or if he don’t know how to give respect to others then there is no value for his knowledge. Because the person who have positive attitude that person always respect the value of society as a result that person always get appreciated by the society. It doesn’t mean that for a person knowledge is not necessary, it means that gaining knowledge also recurred along with positive attitude. If we have positive attitude we can mange anything easily than the person who have a negative attitude. Good attitude person mind always filled by positive things only. He is very cool and intelligent person compare to negative attitude person.

      The book how to win which give good explanation regarding to “our attitude contribute to success”, a study of attributed to Harvard University found that when a person gets a good job or a promotion, 85% of the time it is because of his attitude, and only 15% of the time because of his intelligence and knowledge of specific facts and figures. It is surprising that almost 100% of education dollars go to teach facts and figures, which account for only 15% of success in life. This example clearly indicates that what all the value of a good attitude is are. A person can achieve success because of his or her positive attitude which we can come to know by this example.

      How positive attitude helps to a person in organization?

 From the interview to till the retirement of a person every organization gives importance to the attitude of its employees. Every management observe each and every second of its employees attitude, they observe how an employee deal with in organization. For an organization attitude is important because to maintain good relation between employer and employees, if there is a good relation between workers and management it help to the organization to take great decisions regarding their business activities, as a result it would help to reach the organization goal. Positive attitude workers always maintain a good relationship with the organization; they will treat the members of the organization like their family. Positive attitude motivate the workers to work hard for the organization, they will spend more time in organizational work. If the person only has knowledge and not has good attitude he cannot able to deal with the organization. That person always using to show is ego to the worker who working under him. It will give a negative impression to the worker; they will never motivated by the person who shows his ego, because of such person worker will not ready to work more for organization. It will definitely effect the organization negatively.  In an organization person with positive attitude always good in controlling his workers. It will result positively to an organization.

   The main features of positive attitude persons:

 Positive attitude people always use to caring them self as well as others.

They will always have a nature of helping and supporting to a good people.

They are very confident people they are always ready to face any difficult situation.

They also have more patient, they are very cool mind people.

They always have high expectation themselves and others.

They never underestimating anyone, they always give positive suggestions to all.

     I learned all above things from the book called “How to win” , I myself devolved all the above mentioned features of positive attitude people, it always gives me good result, in future also I continually develop my attitude. I request you all that think positively, do positively it will definitely result positive only..   







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