Admirable persons in my life

The most admirable persons in my life are my mom and dad. My mom and dad both are first teachers of my life. I share everything with them, I am enjoying my life with them, some time I fight with them, but I love them a lot. In my childhood days if I committee any small mistake my mom used to beat me in stick. In those days I felt sad about my mom when she was beating me. But now I realized that there is no wrong with her, she tried to correct my mistakes by beating me or by suggesting me in positive way. She made me to never committee such a mistakes once again. Because of that reason now I am in good position.  They teach me good culture. I myself cultivated good habits because of my mom and dad’s guidance. They thought me how to give respect to elders not only elders but also to all people. Because of that reason I never under estimate any people I give respect to all in return I get respect from all that is because of my parent guidance to me. Because of that reason they proud of me.

  Daily when I am wakeup in morning first I like to see my mom’s face, when I am seeing her face in early morning I feel that today is the lucky day. She is my best friend in this world. When I am going from collage to home I always want to my mom is in home. Otherwise I get angry soon. If I don’t have any work with her but also I need her. My mom and dad love each other, for that reason I am very lucky to have such a mom and dad. I always believe that parents love for their children is completely true. Same in my case also my parent’s love for me is pure and nobody will give such a true and pure love to me.

   My parent is always supporting me for my good activity; they give me good suggestions for my further development. My mom and dad not high educated people, because of that reason they had to face so many problems in their life. They don’t want to be I will become a like them. Their always telling that “ we people are not studied much, because of that reason we are facing so many problems, we never want to be you will face same problems which we facing, we will support you for your education you study well and get good job in reputed company’’. They dint studied much because in that time they were facing financial problem, now for me I don’t have financial problem for my education because of my mom and dad. They work hard not only because of them it’s mainly because of my education. Therefore it’s my duty to fulfill my mom and dad’s dream by getting good education. And I have to utilize their hard work money to good purpose.   

  I want to share my one experience, which tells that how my parent would support me for my education, after completing my degree I dint have any specific idea about my further education, first I joined c.s class in Udupi and I paid fees  there but because of some reason I changed my decision,I decided to do c.s after completing  my MBA. So I lived that class but they dint reimburse my fees, and later I joined for MBA in one of the collage which is in Mangalore, there also my parent paid huge fees. But later my parent came to know that Nitte is the one of the best collage for MBA so they suggested me to join MBA in Nitte for that reason now I perceiving my MBA in Nitte. It’s all happened only because of I dint had correct plan, now I work with correct plan, this my experience shows that my parent not much bothered about money which they paid to Udupi coaching class or to MBA collage which I joined before in Mangalore, they bother about my education and my carrier for that reason they selected good collage for me to do MBA. It’s not only about my mom and dad’s every parents would have same attitude, they give more importance to their children, but only thing is that children should recognize that  their parent sacrifice their happy for their children only. And children should always do better for their parent.

    My parent always takes tension during my examination time more than me especially my mom, during my examination time she is also sleep late, she wait for me . I think without their support I achieve nothing. In Kannada there is one quote “thande thaiya runavannu thirisidavraru illa” , like that only I can’t do much for them but I can do something for them.

    So it’s my request to all that respect your parent and take care of them in their old age. Never hurt them by neglecting them. In this world nobody can give true and pure Love like our parents.


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