Always believe in yourself

  1. Before taking any challenges most of the people have habit of taking suggestions from others,it may be from their parent,family members, friends or with some expert. Taking suggestions from others is good but without making proper enquiry on that blindly believing others suggestions is same as doing work without taking others suggestion. So do work with self believe.. 

My role in Brand War:

Brand war is a computation conducted by Maestro committee. It was an interclass computation. It was a very tough

Computation for the 1st year MBA in 2nd semester. Sleepless night, restless work. My role in that was online promotion. But I worked more in creative team as well as offline promotion.

      I had to come in Sunday also to work. In creative team we prepared greetings, decoration paper, invitation card ect. . I came morning 9 and lived the college evening 6.30. And in that I learnt only group work and nothing else. It was a very expensive competition.  And it was a tough computation. We prepared a watermelon juice namely Melax.

          In the Brand war we had to prepare water melon juice with different flavors. And we prepared with 3 different flavors.  Our product’s tag line was have it and relax. Our mentor was Vishal and we had 3 celebrities. If a person drink melax which is prepared by us that person feel will relax. That means if a person drink melax he feel less active and more calm and active.

        In the offline promotion I had invite all the professor of our institution and students to taste our product. In the creative team we prepared an invitation to professors and I had given that card to all the professor while inviting them to the Brand war final program.

      It was a wonderful experience which I was ever had. And it was also an expensive program.  

I learned group work in that. Because of that program our class becomes very united. All are worked very hard. In the online promotion  I made promotion through whatsapp, face book and twitter. In the face book I invited all my friends to like our page most of the my friends liked our page. We did very creative work because of that our class won Championship in Brand war. It was a un  forgettable movement. We celebrated a lot. In that I learned that team work, hard work and smart work lead to achieve our goal.

Brand War:

1st of paragraph 1.

                  Indeed it is true, she had lived Indore for the past 20 years. She knew that in future JKSHIM going to conduct one computation called brand war for 1st year MBA. The computation includes tough computation between interclass. In 2017 I also participated in Brand war computation.      

2st of paragraph 1.


             It’s an wonderful experience. Till now it was the 1st experience. Sleepless night, restless work. In the beginning till the end I just thought of when this computation will come to an end because that much work we had. In the beginning I given my name for online promotion but later along with promotion I worked more in creative team.

7th X 7th X 7th X exercise.

                Even Sunday also we had to come. I came morning 9 and lived the collage evening 6.30. And in that I learnt only group work and nothing else. It was a very expensive competition.  And it was an tough computation. We prepared a watermelon juice namely Melax. Our product’s tag line was have it and relax. Our mentor was Vishal and we had 3 celebrities.

Relax:  Become a less active more calm and happy.

             If a person drink melax which is prepared by us that person feel will relax. That means if a person drink melax he feel less active and more calm and active.

1st Experience:

            1st time when I was joined to high school in Nitte in those days I felt like I am studying in central jail. Because new friends, teacher new method of teaching, new place everything made me to very tough. But after 1 year I was completely adjusted for that environment

           When I joined I never thought that I complete my PG degree also in Nitte. When I participated in Brand war I felt same as how I was felt in the beginning  when I joined to the 8th slandered in Nitte. During the Brand war-time I was had very tough schedule. I never what such schedule once again in my life.

            I am writing latter to maestro committee to give my feedback about the Brand war. Which was conducted by Maestro committee. I want to share with them which kind of experience I had in Brand war. So that they can come to know how the student of JKSHIM would feel in Brand war.

             Dear member of Maestro committee I Pooja from JKSHIM. I am writing this letter to share my experience in Brand war. It was a wonderful experience I ever had. I thank to maestro members for conducting such kind of computation. In that student can learn group work.

I was worked in an online as well as offline promoter. I invite all my friends through face book. Most of the friends are liked our product. Because of their support and our effort our class own the Brand war . Even I made online promotion through whatsApp and twitter.

         In the Brand war I learnt how to make use of online medias like face book, twitter, whatsApp. 1st time I opened twitter account only for the reason of Brand war promotion. It was also a wonderful experience which I ever had. I contacted with so many friends for promotion of our product. I learned how to make marketing.

      In the offline promotion I had new experience. In final round of Brand war I had to give invitation to all the professors of our college.  I really felt very happy while giving invitation to them. All of them told their well wishes to us. And most of the professors are attended final round of brand war and also tasted our product.

       In the 1st semester our institute organized ETTIN fest . In ETTIN fest I had supper experience. I enjoyed a lot. I was come to know many people in JKSHIM.   I am wetting for another ETTIN. I am very exciting to participate in coming ETTIN.


Reason behind me to get good marks in exam..

When I was in Degree I never wanted any holy day because I was enjoying each day with my friends and my lectures teaching. I myself interested in study so I got good marks in my examination. Every student need to love their college, lectures, friends and the subject. Then only they can achieve their dreams as well as their parent dreams.

Bucket List of My Life..

   Every person have unlimited dreams in their life, like that I also have unlimited dreams, I am a day dreamer. It is impossible to achieve our all dreams, because our dreams are like that only, some time it may be out of imagination. Till now some of my dreams I achieved, most of it not, but I am trying to achieve it before my end of life. Day after day our dreams will increase, but the thing is we should try to achieve our dreams. In my opinion goal will start through dreams, if we have any particular dreams if you want to achieve , then we need to keep specific target to achieve that dream. Having dream is easy, but achieving it very difficult. I like to share my some professional dreams, crazy dreams or some funny dreams, I want to do this thing before I die, but all my dreams are not possible to come true, but still I have a habit of dreaming more, every day in my life a new dream get added to the list of my dreams , now a days dreaming is also one of my habits. When dreams are increasing my thinking capacity also increase, I am using to think in what why it is possible to achieve my dreams. 

  How my dreams are useful in my life:

       I hard and red most of the successful people suggesting that “have more dreams in your life, and try to achieve that drams by hardworking, or any legal ways, which will make your life beautiful ”, therefore I cultivated the habit of dreaming, it give me relax to my mind, dreaming is not a big thing, when I am alone I start to dreaming, if my mood is not good in that time also I use to dream, when I am sad my dreams are mostly relating to how to outcome from particular problem, anyway my dreams are helped me to get good potion in the society, and I also believe that it will help in future. I like to share my some of the dreams with all.

1. I want to take care of my parent: Yes it’s my duty but all cannot get this chance so I have this dream. I don’t want to make them sad because of me, they given me and will give me whatever I need. Their my everything.

2. I want to fulfill my parent dreams: My parent have lots of dreams in their life, they sacrificed most of their dreams because of my education, so now as a student I have a dream to fulfill all their dreams after getting good job.

3. I want to work as manger: I like to work as a manager in a well reputed company, basically it may be my childhood dreams, but now also I dreaming same thing. If I work as a manager it increase my reputation, I feel proud myself as a manager in well reputed company.

4. See the Pyramids in Egypt: When I was studding high school, I had a Egypt Pyramids topics to study, it was so impressed me therefore I wan see Pyramids in Egypt. 

5. I want to count the stars in the sky: When I was small my mom giving me food by showing stars in the sky, in that time she was telling me to count the stars in the sky, it will turned as become a my dreams.

6. I want to give name to the star: I like to give the name to the star and whole world should call that star in the name which I give.

7. I like to go to USA: USA is my dream city therefore I want to go USA. And I like to enjoy my life there.

8. I like to go world tour in boat: I like to travel in boat, therefore I want to go world tour in boat.

9.I like to play foot ball in rain: I am like to play foot ball in rain, in that I enjoy myself lot.

10. I want to climb Himalaya: I have very crazy dream to climb Himalaya Mountain. It will give me more satisfaction.

11. I like to give frequent visit to the Ice land: Ice land is one of the my favorite place in the world, if I visit their it makes me more happy.

12. Camp on the beach: Beach is also one of the my favorite place, I like to conduct camp with my friends.

13. Like to again study in my degree collage: My degree days are very amazing, I had very respectable and friendly lecturer in my degree, and very kind-hearted friends. So I want once again that life.

14. I want to make high number of fans in my life: My one of the dream is I like to have high number of fans in my life, it will increase my image.

15. I like to go desert: In desert my mind get relax so I want to go always to desert.

16. I want to celebrate my birthday in Goa: I have dreamed to celebrate my birthday party in Goa beach with my friends. I want to enjoy every movement in there.

17. I like to celebrate holi near the beach: I want to celebret holi near the beach with my friends.

18. I like to spend whole one day and night in jungle: I want to go to big jungle, and enjoy the beauty of jungle.

19. I like to go night party with my family: I want to go night party and like to dance with my friends.

20. Travel by helicopter: I want to enjoy the beauty of world by traveling in helicopter.

21. Fly first class: I like to fly in first class, in that I enjoy more.

22. I want to earn more money: Legally I want earn more money which could satisfy all my needs.

23.I like to play in Ice-skate in Iceland: I am very crazy about skate, so I want to Ice-skate in Iceland.

24. I want to visit Water Bridge: Recently Japan made a record by introducing Water Bridge, so I want to visit that place.

25. I like to swim under the falls: I like swimming, so my dream is to swim under the various falls .

26. I like to visit Argentines Laguazu falls: It is one of the famous falls, while seeing the image of that in Google I really very much impressed.

27. I want to learn more than 20 languages: In this world the person who knows more languages that person can make many friends, because we like the person who knows our local languages. So I want to learn various languages to talk.

28. I want to go to Kaup light hose: I borned in Kaup, but till now I never visit the lighthouse, so I want to go there and fulfill my dreams.

29.  I want see whole India by flying in the helicopter: Another my crazy dream is to see the view of my country India in helicopter.

30. I want to go long drive: I like traveling, so I want to go long drive with my friends.

31. I like to travel in big city in night: In big city it decorated by lights in night so I like to go to shopping in such big city with my family in night.

32. I wanted to  join MBA in Nitte: I am studying in Nitte science from 9 year, when I was in degree I had a dream to join MBA in JKSHIM itself, by joining JKSHIM I fulfilled one of the my big dream.

33. I like to play foot ball with foreigner: I like play football with foreigner, when I went beach, I impressed by them when they were paying foot ball. 

34. I want to become a more knowledgeable person: I want to get more knowledge about the world, it will increase my thinking capacity, it encourage me to achieve something in life.

35. I want to help poor people: I have dreamed that, in this world everyone should be educated and they must be capable of earning their livelihood by themself .

  36. I like to meet top richest persons: I want to meet top richest persons, and I like to take their story behind their success, it will give me some idea for become richest person.

37. I had a dream to meet many company’s CEO and MD: I achieved this dream ,I met many companies CEO and MD  in various conclave organized by various collage. I gained more knowledge from them. 

38. I like to eat Panipuri always:  I like to eat panipuri which is sold near road sides in Bombay.

39. I like to eat Goa’s vadapav: Goa’s vadapav is very testy for me I want to eat always while going Bombay in train,  I enjoy very much while traveling taking food.

40. I want to go family tour: Another my dream is after getting job I want to go family tour.

41. I want to become a role model for many people: In my life I like to become a role model for many people. It will give me more satisfaction.

43. I want to ride motorbike: First I want to learn how to ride motorbike, later I like to go long drive with that.

44. I want to meet all my childhood friends: I want to meet all my childhood friends, now I am miss them lot.

45. I want to become a proudly daughter of my parent: My mom dad given me a good culture, I always follow the same; I want to fulfill their dreams.

46. I want to become a proudly student of my teachers: Teachers always teach me good things, they motivate me to become a good citizen in the society. So its my duty to follow their suggestion.

47. I want to visit Taj Mahal: I like the story behind Taj Mahal, so I want to visit that and I like to enjoy the beauty of that.

48. I like to watch international level football match in stadium: I like to play foot ball, so I watch football match in stadium.

49.  I like to meet M.S.Dhoni: Dhoni is my one of the favorite cricket player so I like to meet him.

50. I want spend happy life: I don’t like fighting and all, I wish my all dreams come true, I like to have good relationship with all. I like to spend happy life.

       So I explained my various kinds of dreams it may be professional or funny, if it will comes true I will become a more happiest person. Finally I like to tell that our dreams may come true or not just enjoy the life because life is short.











Skills and Talent..

Every persons of this world have one or another skill and talent some may be known some are not aver of that. In this present competitive world skill and talent taken a major part. Best example for this, for get a good job a person require a high level of innovative or any kind of good skill and knowledge. Now a days most of the companies while recruiting the worker they give more importance to the special skills of the workers rather than the marks scored in the examination in school or college. Every person must try to find out their own skills and talents and later try to develop their skill by utilizing that into productive purpose.      

My skill is am very confidential person as well as bold, my talent is I will go to the stage and deliver the best speech even without preparation also. My friends are always likes when I am going to the stage.  This skill developed after joining JKSHIM. I have ability to quick learn because of this I secure good marks in examination.  I am little bit strict in nature, but am friendly with all, am very decent, I know how to give respect to all because of this reason I am always getting respect from others. I have good helping nature and also if once I come to know anything that I am doing wrong from that day I never do such mistake once again, I learn to develop my attitude further.  I always using to learn from my own mistake, some time I also learn from others. I have believe in God, he gives me a various skill and talent so now my duty is to utilize my skill and talent to productive purpose. I like to develop my skill by myself or by reading books or by learning from others.

   I like to relate my strength, skill and talent to being an entrepreneur, If I started a one business it may be any, my first duty is to providing good training , this may include about the introduction of the company and what is their role in company, how to develop better skill and talent, rules and regulation of the company, make them to feel their workplace is like their family, make them to keep good relationship with  the company, and also train them to achieve objectives of the company. And my second step is taking feedback from their said, if it will help to the growth of the company then developing their ideas which they suggested in feedback. In festival time giving scholarship to workers children, and giving gifts to workers, it will increase the image of the company, as a result it will encourage them, company is providing this much of specialty, so they prepare to contribute more to the company for achieving company’s goal. I like to build a good and decent relationship with the workers. I will try to create trustful environment in my company. I will provide training program always to increase their skill and talent. I like that my company’s workers should help one and other. I don’t want any lazy or simply time-wasting workers to my company. I always support my workers.

     I am not saying that what I said everything possible me to do, but I will try my level best as an entrepreneur to achieve my idea regarding to my company. I believe that if a person work hardly and smartly he or she will get defiantly successes.